HOVING Martijn

Martijn HOVING


RWV Advocaten

LEIDEN, Netherlands


Schuld en faillissement
Insolventie en herstructurering
Financiële diensten




Martijn joined RWV Advocaten in 1998 and works for both the Company Law and the Insolvency Law Practice Groups. The bulk of his company-law work involves assisting in the formation of partnerships and alliances between businesses and non-profit-making organisations, as well as advising on and litigating in relation to disputes in the same field. He also regularly acts as a receiver and administrator in cases of insolvency, a role which also involves dealing with issues such as the enforcement of collateral and the liability of company directors. Thanks to his training in business administration and with his experience as a business owner and manager, and as an administrator and lawyer, Martijn has an eagle eye for opportunities and risks. His greatest challenge as a lawyer, he reckons, is to bridge the gap between them. Communication is an essential aspect of this: “It’s all about listening carefully to uncover underlying motives and interests and translating these into legal solutions.” Martijn is fascinated by the social changes engendered by new technologies. He regularly advises and publishes on the legal aspects of new technologies, digitisation and big data. Practices: Insolvency Law Company law Intellectual property Specialisms: Liability of company directors Bankruptcy fraud Restructuring and refinancing IT Sectors: Family businesses Financial Services

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