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Eurojuris International Virtual Congress

"Find a vaccine!" This was the best answer we received when asking what we could do better in future virtual conferences. Loved it! We had one entire week of online meetings, covering almost all of our Practice Groups and the Plenary Session with a seminar on "Building your future on uncertainty" by Andrew Hedley.

Thank you all for attending, and thank you for sharing your feedback by completing our survey. The event - which has obviously been a premiere for us - has been really well received, and your opinion helps us to optimize our concepts for an even better meeting experience in the future.

For those who continue reading, let us briefly share a few numbers with you: 50% of our attendees rated the event as "excellent" or "very good", and more than 43% still rated as "good". 87% liked the ZOOM format, so we'll most likely continue with this tool. The practice groups meetings have been especially well received with over 92% saying they fully met or even exceeded their expectations! Half of our participants thought the plenary session was "good", with the other half rating between "very good" and "excellent". Regarding the preparation of the event, the majority was "mostly satisfied" - so there is still some room for improvement.

When asked what our members liked about the event, almost everyone answered "meeting my colleagues", and what they did not like was "not being able to meet in person".

Promise: We'll do our best to start real-life-meetings again in 2021!


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